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Many of the images in this exhibit are recent, never-before-seen donations to the Burlingame Historical Society.  We are grateful to Virginia (“Jeannie”) Howard Siegman for the non-transferable right to reproduce electronic or paper copies of select photos and letters in her Howard Family Collection.  Mrs. Siegman’s donations are designated where used within the text of this website.  The Howard Family Collection also includes all letters to or from W.D.M. Howard and Agnes Poett Howard, all photos in the W.D.M. Howard and Descendants Gallery in the Virtual Museum (except the 1903 train station photo and the 1905 map of Burlingame), as well as the architect’s sketch and photos of Howard House and Versailles gardens in the George H. Howard and Descendants Gallery in the Virtual Museum.  Around the same time as Mrs. Siegman’s donation, the Estate of Leta Woods Howard (the third and last wife of Henry S.P. Howard) donated numerous family photos and letters belonging to George H. Howard family and descendants.  These include numerous letters that George H. Howard, the architect of the Burlingame train station, wrote to his wife and son in Europe.  The donations from the Estate of Leta Woods Howard are now part of the permanent collection of the Burlingame Historical Society.  The photos of Beatrice Mills Forbes, Ogden Livingston Mills, Ogden Mills Reid, Sir John Ward and Ansel Adams were all taken from internet sources and are believed to be in the public domain.

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