William H. Howard, great-grandson of W.D.M.

William H. Howard (1907-1991)

William H. Howard, great-grandson of W.D.M. and Agnes Howard, at Filoli.   Image courtesy: Howard Family Collection

The only son of Edward W. Howard, William H. Howard (1907-1991) was the last of the direct descendants of W.D.M. and Agnes Howard to make Hillsborough his home.

Young William was only seven when his father died in January 1915.  His mother, Olivia Lansdale Howard, remarried Robert Frazer, an American diplomat.  Frazer served in London and numerous other locations throughout the world, including Brazil, Switzerland, India, Mexico and El Salvador.

Young William H. Howard's Birthday Party

William H. Howard, front and right in dark suit, reigns over his birthday party at the Edward and Olivia Howard home on Stonehedge Road, Hillsborough circa 1915.  Image courtesy: Howard Family Collection

The pre-WWII era in which young William and his four sisters grew up was the end of the aristocratic era in Hillsborough.  After the war, due to labor shortages and changing lifestyles, many of Hillsborough’s great estates were broken up and subdivided.  In the place of the great estates, more modest homes, suitable for professionals such as doctors, dentists and lawyers, were built, although the builders frequently left the large gates of the former estates in place.  Today, those gates serve as a reminder of a past era.

William, like many of his ancestors, engaged in real estate development.  One of his real estate holdings was the Alister MacKenzie-designed Pasatiempo Golf Club in Santa Cruz.

William and his wife, Virginia Wilson, had two daughters, Virginia and Marion, both of whom were raised in Hillsborough but moved to other communities after they reached adulthood.

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