Ogden Mills, son of D.O. Mills

The oldest child and only son of D.O. and Jane Mills, Ogden was almost ten years old when his parents built their big country home in Millbrae, California.  The huge property must have been a wonderful place to hike and ride ponies.  Perhaps the Millbrae property is where Ogden’s lifelong love affair with horses began.

In 1882, at the age of 25, he married a New Yorker, Ruth Livingston, whose family had owned property in the Hudson River Valley since 1792.  When the two married, some said it was a case of his new money marrying her old money.  Her inherited property Staatsburgh on the Hudson River, which Ogden and Ruth enlarged in 1895, is now a New York Historic Site.  The couple also had a home on New York’s Upper East Side as well as in Paris, France.  Ogden had numerous business interests, served on a variety of corporate boards and was a generous benefactor of several cultural institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Opera.

In addition to his multiple business and cultural interests, Ogden loved horse racing.
Ogden raced horses in the United States and in France, where he co-owned a racing stable with Lord Derby, a British Ambassador to France.  Ogden was also a member of The Jockey Club.

Ogden and Ruth had three children, twin daughters Gladys and Beatrice and a son, Ogden Livingston Mills.

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